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I have been performing as this solo act since 1996. I sing and play several instruments in my performances, covering a wide variety of musical styles. On many of  the tunes that are performed in this act I use backing tracks, which were also done by me in my music studio. I strive to keep it lively and entertaining. A lot of time was invested, drawing from my many years of experience in various types of music. The result of all this effort is a presentation sounding very natural, much like a good live combo. I regularly perform for yearly events, park concerts, various organizations, clubs and eateries. Musical styles can vary from mellow acoustic folk to country, jazz, Irish, blues, seasonal and of course various eras of classic rock dance music. Check out the song list.
     In the fall of 2013 I included another option for this act adding my friend Chad Cooper in as a duo. Chatty brings his skills on congas and other percussion instruments from his many years of playing in successful acts all over the country. He enhances the show, is energetic and always a crowd pleaser. Enhancing the act further in December 2014 we launched another project called Mr. Wilson! It includes Chatty on percussion instruments and vocals and another long time musician friend Rick Beck. Rick is a well known lead and harmony vocalist and keyboardist. He also plays guitar and other instruments and writes and arranges music. Together we have more musical options, tight vocal harmonies and a very big sounding and quite entertaining small band that is also affordable.


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